library_imagesA well stocked library with adequate reading room facilities has been provided, where students can browse through thousands of Text book and Reference books. The library subscribes to around 50 Journals / e-journals / Periodicals / Magazines of national & international importance. In addition to this, the library has a good Collection of Professional / audio – video materials and educational CDs.




infrastructureThe institute has two fully equipped computer labs, having 90 PCs and Servers with latest software technology. The computer network is well supported by a host of inkjet & laser printers. Campus wise Wi-Fi Internet facilities are also provided to the students.





hostelAt present, the Institute assists in finding suitable and affordable accommodation for both boys and girls in near by areas. Separate hostels for both boys and girls are in the pipeline and will come up shortly.





the-objective1. To provide the right atmosphere for professional education, in order to nurture, motivate and develop managerial acumen and talents of the students.
2. To groom youth to become a truly global personality with an Indian heart.
3. To develop necessary skills like communication, decision-making, problem solving, negotiation, team building etc so as to enable our students to fully realize their potential.
4. To organised programmed related to 3-I (Industry-Institute-Interface) concept in order to develop interpersonal skill of the participants thus enabling them to become effective Managers.
5. To create an environment, which provides students with a regular and continuous exposure to the contemporary issues facing the corporate world and Industry.
6. To inculcate in the students, a sense of ethics so that they can make positive contribution to the society at large.
7. To produce intelligent, sharp, skillful, head on shoulder and live wire executives.


methodlogyin order to achieve the above objectives, the faculty has devised advanced pedagogy and training methodology so as to make the study, an enjoyable and mutually rewarding experience.
1. The core faculty members deliver lectures on regular basis not only with an intention to complete the course but with an aim to create a strong urge in the students to seek more knowledge.
2. The frequent visits of many highly qualified and experienced professionals provide the students with an opportunity to go beyond the theory and to know the practical aspects of modern business.
3. The faculty members organize various programmes to enhance the competence level of students and to upgrade their skills, on a continuous basis.
4. The curriculum is oriented to meet the needs of both the students as well as the corporate world. We strive to make it contemporary and relevant to the career aspirations of today’s executives.
5. Modern teaching methods are extensively used. Case studies are a regular feature.
6. The Institute lays emphasis on creating the right environment for the overall development of personality.
7. Seminars are conducted on a regular basis, where issues related to every aspects of modern management are discussed in detail.